GBD formation is a multi-step process with extensive requirements for community support & engagement.

Formation Process.png

1. Planning & Feasibility

Over the past year, a group of neighbors have been getting together for informal meetings to explore whether and how a GBD could work for their neighborhood.  They created an online survey to collect broader feedback and develop a nuanced understanding of the neighborhood’s interests, priorities, and willingness to support a GBD. The survey results will help to determine whether there is enough property owner support for district formation effort to proceed to the next step- and if so, where the boundaries of the proposed GBD might be.

2. Plan Development

The community must create a Management Plan that outlines the goals,  boundaries, services and assessment methodology for the proposed district. An Assessment Engineer helps inform this process, and develops an accompanying Engineer's Report. This process includes an extensive public outreach and benefit evaluation process, to ensure that a GBD boundaries contains only parcels that will receive a special benefit from proposed services, activities and improvements. This plan must be approved by Public Works and the City Attorney's office.

3. Petition

If the Management Plan & Engineer's Report are approved by the City Attorney, the community can launch a petition process to obtain a Board of Supervisors' approval to initiate a ballot. Each parcel within the proposed district will receive a petition indicating their individualized assessment and the percentage it represents of the total assessment budget. If the petition is signed by 30% of property owners in the proposed district, weighted by individual contributions to the district budget, the Board of Supervisors may initiate ballot procedure

4. Ballot

If the petition phase demonstrates sufficient support and the Board of Supervisors approves, an assessment ballot proceeding is launched. The Department of Elections issues a ballot to the property owners within the proposed boundaries of a GBD. This would be a special ballot election independent of the general elections in November.  For the district to be formed, a simple majority (50% + 1) of the returned weighted ballots must be in favor. If the vote hits this required mark, the Board of Supervisors will adopt an ordinance to officially establish a GBD.